Thursday, February 12, 2015

Your Character Can't Be Who Your Character Is, Because, Uh... Money

I recently watched Captain America: Winter Soldier for the first time (I'm always late to the game because I don't like watching films in the theater. There are always people in the theater with me, and that's just so unnecessary). Anyway, at the end of the movie, two new characters with super powers are teased for, presumably, the next Avengers movie. As I recall one is making things float, and one is teleporting or flashing around the room, looking like something that would work beautifully in an Exorcist film.

My friend, who is far more well-versed in the comic book world than I am, informed me that these characters are in fact mutants. Not only that, they're Magneto's children. Magneto of X-men fame of course. However, they will not be called mutants, and they will make no reference to their true parentage. Why? Because, as one blogger put it:  "....telepathy, telekinesis – and even clairvoyance – aren’t phenomenon that exist in the MCU, as mutants, the characters who possess these gifts, are legally the property of Fox and can’t be used in Marvel Studios films. Right. So the studios have to pretend that their characters aren't who they are, because someone bought the rights to one comic series, even though they all exist in the Marvel universe, cross over, and everyone who sees these movies is probably going to have at least one friend comic-savvy enough to point this out. So while we all know the truth, the entire public can find it online, the movie companies, because of their rights deals, still have pretend to themselves that they have some exclusivity tied to what they bought.


...Oh, also there's a new movie about Muhammad coming out, but because Chernin Entertainment produced "Exodus," starring the prophet Moses, and Icon Productions produced "The Passion of the Christ," staring Jesus, the company producing the film about Muhammad won't be able to make reference to them by their proper names because of legal rights. In this film, when Muhammad refers to the God of Moses, David, and Jesus, he will instead stay, "the God of Murray, David, and Bob." I mean, we all know they exist in the Judaic religious lineage, and everyone is going to have some friend religion-savvy enough to point this out, but ya know, they bought the rights, and damnit, they're gonna cling to them!